M.Sc. Health & Physical Education

Program Code: 059
Theory 1600
Practical 150
Teaching Practice & Project 100
Minimum Duration: 4 Semesters, 2 Year
Maximum Duration: 10 Semesters, 5 Years
Total Marks 1850


Admission to MSC H & PE shall be open to candidates who have passed B.A / B.Sc/ AD-PE examination from a recognized university/institution or any other equivalent examination with at least 45% Marks. Candidates need to pass an entry test /interview conducted by the university.
Candidates holding SDPE 45% marks can be admitted in 3rd semester of this program.

Teaching/Coaching Practice:

10 -days teaching/ coaching practice will be carried out in the competition at inter school/ Inter collegiate/ Inter university/Board level. However, the participants will have to obtain a certificate from the Organizing Body and will be required to submit it to the controller of Examination before the conduct of final examinations.

Program Outcomes:

Students will attain and maintain physical fitness and overall wellness.
Perform in practical life as a sports leader
Apply academic concepts of the professional discipline to promote healthy lifestyle through physical activity, fitness, wellness, and sports.
Apply principles, analytical methods, and best practices for designing, implementing, and evaluating health promoting activities and programs
To develop a quality physical education program that emphasize enjoyable participation in physical activities; to help students develop the knowledge, attitude, motor skills, social skills and confidence needed to begin and maintain a healthy physically active lifestyle for the rest of their life.
The curriculum will provide activities that offer opportunities to achieve specific goals in a continuous and overlapping schedule.

Theory Examination: Theory Examination in the courses/ subjects mentioned below will be conducted as per following plan.

Practical Exam: practical examination will be held in games, Track & field and Gymnastic at the end of the second Term.

Course Code Course Title Marks.400 Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.18
SPE 351 Philosophical Basis of Phy Edu. 100 SPE 355 Bio Mechanics 100
SPE 352 Rules & Techniques of Games & Sports 100 SPE 356 Sports Medicine 100
SPE 353 Advance Health Education 100 SPE 357 Physical Education for Special Needs 100
SPE 354 Science of Track & Field 100 SPE 358 Nutrition in Sports 100
Course Code Course Title Marks.150 Course Code Course Title Marks.150
SPE 361 Techniques & Teaching of track & Field 50 SPE 359 Teaching Practice + Project     50+50
SPE 362 Techniques & Teaching of Games 50 Hiking 10
SPE 363 Techniques & Teaching of Edu Gymnastic 50 Civil Defense 15
First Aid 10
Scouting / Girls Guide 15
Course Code Course Title Marks.400 Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.18
SPE 401 Test Measurement & Evaluation in Physical Education 100 SPE 405 Administration & Management in  Physical Education 100
SPE 402 Research Methods in Physical Edu 100 SPE 406 Science of Sports Training 100
SPE 403 Psychology of Sports 100 SPE 490 Research Thesis OR the following in Lieu of Research Thesis 200
SPE 404 Exercise Physiology 100 SPE 411 Planning facilities in Physical Edu  & Recreation 100
SPE 410 Curriculum Development in phy Edu 100


Training in the above discipline will be arranged by the instructors/ Trainers, acquiring the services of trained personnel in the relevant fields. A competition certificate will be required to submit it to the controller of examination before the conduct of final examinations along with a group photo with the trainers.
No words can really completely capture the joyous feelings of my hearts when I think, how Sarhad University has benefited so many students in past years. It is just so blissful moment that I am a small part of Sarhad university`s great journey. Thank you everyone… especially to my teachers for opening my eyes and my mind to the true meaning and purpose of my life.
Irfan Hussein, alumnus,
Department of health & physical education

Student are encouraged to undergo internship program and practical learning lab (PLL) Details are given in section 27 & 28 of the rules and regulations.