Associate Degree in Business Administration

Program Objectives

Program Objectives for Associate Degree in Business Administration (AD BA):

  1. Develop Fundamental Business Skills: The program aims to equip students with a solid foundation in key areas of business administration, including management principles, accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources management.
  2. Foster Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Abilities: Through engaging coursework and practical exercises, students will develop critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze business challenges, formulate effective solutions, and make informed decisions.
  3. Cultivate Effective Communication Skills: The program emphasizes the development of effective communication skills, both written and oral, essential for success in the business world. Students will learn how to articulate ideas, collaborate with team members, and present information persuasively.
  4. Enhance Leadership and Teamwork Capabilities: Students will have opportunities to develop leadership qualities and teamwork skills through group projects, case studies, and experiential learning activities. They will learn to effectively lead teams, delegate tasks, and collaborate towards common goals.
  5. Promote Ethical and Social Responsibility: The program instills ethical awareness and social responsibility in students, emphasizing the importance of conducting business in a morally and socially accountable manner. Students will explore ethical dilemmas in business and learn to make ethically sound decisions.
  6. Embrace Technological Proficiency: In today’s digital age, proficiency in technology is crucial for success in business. The program aims to enhance students’ technological skills, including proficiency in office productivity software, data analysis tools, and emerging digital platforms relevant to business administration.
  7. Encourage Lifelong Learning and Professional Development: The program promotes a culture of lifelong learning and encourages students to stay updated with current trends, innovations, and best practices in the field of business administration. Students will develop a growth mindset and a commitment to ongoing professional development.
  8. Prepare for Further Academic Pursuits or Entry-Level Employment: Whether students choose to pursue further academic studies or enter the workforce upon graduation, the program prepares them for success. Graduates will possess the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary for entry-level positions in various business sectors or for continued education at the bachelor’s level.

By aligning with these objectives, the Associate Degree in Business Administration program aims to prepare students for a successful and rewarding career in the dynamic and competitive world of business.

Program 083

Minimum Duration Semesters , 2 Years

Number of Course 24

Maximum Duration 10 Semesters ,5 Years


Intermediate (1.Com, DBA, D.Com, FA, FSC) with at Least 45% Marks or A-Levels (22 points) with equivalency certificate from 1BCC lslamabad or an equivalent certificate from a recognized institution are eligible to apply.

List of Courses

SEMESTER-1                                                                                       SEMESTER-2

Course Code     Course Title                   Cr.Hrs. 18       Course Code      Course Title                 Cr.Hrs. 18

ENG 101         Functional Communication (Eng-I)  3-0           ENG 110      Basic Communication Skills (Eng-II)   3-0

ACC 121         Principles of Accounting          3-0           IT 106       Introduction to IT                    2-1

ECO 124         Micro Economics                   3-0           MA 209       Elementary Statistics                 3-0

MGT 107         Principles of Management          3-0           ACC 211      Financial Accounting                  3-0

MA 127          Business Mathematics-1            3-0          MGT 345       Organizational Behavior               3-0

GS 124/141      Islamic Studies/Values,           3-0          GS 129        Pakistan Studies                      3-0

Ethics and Society (For Non-Muslims)              3-0

SEMESTER-3                                                                                                     SEMESTER-4

Course Code        Course Title           Cr.Hrs. 15          Course Code        Course Title                  Cr.Hrs. 15

MA 252         Statistical Inference       3-0                    IT 228         Management Information System       3-0

ACC 232        Cost Accounting             3-0                    MKT 431        Marketing Management                3-0

FIN 356        Money and Banking           3-0                    FIN 434        Financial Management                3-0

MGT 270        Entrepreneurship            3-0                                   Elective I                          3-0

MGT 305      Prod. And operation Management 3-0                                  Elective II                         3-0