Associate Degree in Library & Information Sciences

Program Code: 84
Number of Courses: 23
Credit Hours: 71
Minimum Duration: 4 Semesters, 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 10 Semesters, 5 Years
Minimum CGPA Required To Earn Degree 2.00


  1. Candidates holding Intermediate certificate with at least 45% marks or A-LEVELS (22 Points) with equivalency certificate from IBCC Islamabad or an equivalent certificate from a recognized institution are eligible to apply.Candidates need to pass an entry test or an aptitude interview conducted by the university.

Program objective:

  • The program is design to provide comprehensive knowledge in the core areas of library & Information Sciences along with necessary computer skills. The breed of these graduates will help and support the work force of professionally qualified and skilled librarians which can meet market demand.
  • The program objectives of Library Sciences at NTI Islamabad may include:
    1. Equipping students with foundational knowledge: To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of library and information sciences, including principles, theories, and practices.
    2. Developing critical thinking skills: To cultivate analytical and critical thinking abilities among students, enabling them to evaluate and adapt to evolving information environments.
    3. Fostering information literacy: To promote information literacy skills among students, empowering them to effectively locate, evaluate, and use information resources for various purposes.
    4. Enhancing technological proficiency: To equip students with the necessary skills to navigate and utilize modern information and communication technologies relevant to library and information services.
    5. Cultivating professional ethics and values: To instill ethical principles and values within students, emphasizing integrity, confidentiality, and respect for intellectual property rights in their professional practice.
    6. Promoting research and innovation: To encourage research and innovation in library and information sciences, enabling students to contribute to the advancement of the field through scholarly inquiry and creative solutions.
    7. Providing practical experience: To offer hands-on experience and practical training opportunities that allow students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world library settings, fostering professional competence and confidence.
    8. Facilitating collaboration and networking: To facilitate opportunities for students to collaborate with peers, faculty, and professionals in the field, fostering a supportive learning community and expanding their professional networks.
    9. Addressing diverse information needs: To prepare students to address the diverse information needs of users from various backgrounds and contexts, promoting inclusivity and cultural sensitivity in information provision and services.
    10. Supporting lifelong learning: To promote a commitment to lifelong learning among students, encouraging continuous professional development and adaptation to changes in the field of library and information sciences.

Program outcomes:

  • To apply the knowledge techniques skills and modern tools of the discipline broadly defined library technologies activities.To apply knowledge of librarians / information professionals to library problems that requires the application of principles and procedure of methodologies.
Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.18 Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.17
GS 123/240 Islamic Studies/Values Ethics & Society (For Non-Muslims) 3-0 LIS 107 Evaluation of Libraries & Information Sources 3-0
LIS 101 Information Library & Society 3-0 LIS 109 Management of Library & Information Services 3-0
LIS 103 Organization of Information 3-0 LIS 111 Marketing of Lib & Info Services 3-0
LIS 105 Basic References to info Sources 3-0 ENG 111 Basic Com Skills (ENG-II) 3-0
IT 106 Introduction to IT 2-1 LIS 113 Information Literacy 3-0
ENG 101 Functional Communication (Eng.-I) 3-0 GS 128 Pakistan Studies 2-0
Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.18 Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.15
ENG 209 Academic Writing (ENG-III) 3-0 MA 100 Mathematics-I (Pre-Calculus) 3-0
LIS202 User Services in Libraries 3-0 LIS 212 Library Info Services Pakistan 3-0
LIS 204 Intro to Publishing & Book Trade 3-0 LIS 214 Knowledge Management 3-0
LIS 206 Information Storage & Retrieval 3-0 LIS 216 Acquisition 3-0
LIS 208 Bibliographic Control 3-0 LIS 218 Library Automation System 0-2
LIS 210 Use of Emerging Technologies in Lib 2-1
  • The honor of gold medal had been given to me by SUIT in Convocation 2018 and I’m very thankful for that. I also thank faculty members of Library & Information Sciences department for sharing their wisdom and knowledge with me. All of my teachers are so good at teaching and I’m so grateful for having them as my mentors.Danial Aziz, Alumnus,Department of Library & Information SciencesNOTE: Students are encouraged to undergo internship program and practical learning lab(PLL) details are given in sections 27 & 28 of the rules and regulations.