Associate Degree in ENGLISH

English department of NTI Islamabad

The English program at NTI Islamabad is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the English language. Through a well-rounded curriculum and innovative teaching methods, students develop their proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English.

The program emphasizes both academic and practical aspects of English language learning, catering to the diverse needs of students. From building a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary to honing advanced communication skills, the curriculum is structured to ensure gradual progression and holistic development.

In addition to classroom instruction, the program incorporates interactive activities, group discussions, and language labs to enhance students’ language proficiency and confidence. Through exposure to a variety of authentic materials such as literature, multimedia resources, and real-life situations, students gain insight into different cultural contexts and linguistic nuances.

The English program at NTI Islamabad also fosters critical thinking, creativity, and cultural awareness, preparing students to effectively navigate the globalized world and communicate with confidence in diverse settings. With dedicated faculty and a supportive learning environment, students are empowered to excel academically and professionally, both locally and internationally.

Program                                                                                                                 222
Number of Courses                                                                                                 24
Credit Hours                                                                                                           70
Minimum Duration                                                                 4 Semesters,  2Years
Maximum Duration                                                              10 Semesters, 5 Years
Minimum CGPA Required To Earn Degree                                                    2.00


Candidates holding intermediate certificate with at least 45% marks or A-Levels with equivalency certificate from IBCC Islamabad or an equivalent certificate from a recognized institution are eligible to apply.

Candidates need to pass an entry test or aptitude interview conducted by the university.

Program objective:

The Associate Degree (AD) in English program at NTI Islamabad is designed with several objectives in mind:

  1. Language Proficiency: The program aims to enhance students’ proficiency in English language skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening, to enable effective communication in various contexts.
  2. Literary Appreciation: Students will develop an appreciation for English literature through the study of literary texts, allowing them to analyze and interpret different genres, themes, and literary devices.
  3. Cultural Understanding: Through the exploration of English literature and language, students will gain insight into diverse cultures, societies, and historical contexts, fostering cross-cultural understanding and empathy.
  4. Critical Thinking: The program encourages students to think critically and analytically about literary texts, language structures, and societal issues, enabling them to engage with complex ideas and perspectives.
  5. Research Skills: Students will acquire basic research skills necessary for gathering, evaluating, and synthesizing information related to English language and literature, preparing them for further academic pursuits or professional endeavors.
  6. Effective Communication: The program emphasizes the development of effective communication skills, enabling students to express themselves clearly, coherently, and persuasively in both written and oral forms.
  7. Career Readiness: Graduates of the AD in English program will be equipped with foundational knowledge and skills that can prepare them for entry-level positions in various fields such as teaching, journalism, editing, content writing, and customer service.
  8. Personal Growth: The program aims to foster personal growth and intellectual curiosity among students by providing opportunities for self-expression, creativity, and lifelong learning.

By fulfilling these objectives, the AD in English program at NTI Islamabad aims to produce graduates who are proficient in English language and literature, culturally aware, critical thinkers, and well-prepared for further academic pursuits or professional endeavors.



  • To master the contemporary pedagogies of the level desired.
  • To practice the communication skills and critical thinking in classroom situation
  • To use the ability gained for future oriented teacher education programs
  • To enhance focus over quality education at school level.

              Semester 1         

GS 104 Study Skills 3-0
PSY 201 Human Psychology 3-0
GS 128 Pakistan Studies 2-0
ELL 101 English I : Listening and speaking skills 3-0
ELL 103 Introduction to literary studies 3-0
ELL 105 Introduction to language studies 3-0

              Semester 2         

GS 123 Islamic Studies 2-0
IT 106 Introduction to Information Technology 2-1
GS 101 Eco System 3-0
ELL 107 English II : Composition Writing 3-0
ELL 109 Introduction to phonetics & phonology 3-0
Ell 111  Literary forms and movements 3-0

              Semester 3         

MA 209 Elementary statistics 3-0
GS 201 Islamic History 3-0
MKT 227 Principle of marketing 3-0
ELL 200 English III: Communication & presentation skills 3-0
ELL 202 Short fictional narratives 3-0
ELL 204 Introduction to morphology 3-0

              Semester 4         

MGT 270 Entrepreneurship 3-0
ELL 206 English IV: Academic reading & writing 3-0
ELL 208 Classical & renaissance drama 3-0
ELL 210 Classical poetry 3-0
ELL 212 Semantics 3-0
ELL 214 Rise of the novel (18th to 19th century) 3-0