Bachelor of Education (2.5 Years)

Program Code 158
Number of Courses 25+ Teaching Practice
Credit Hours 90
Minimum Duration 5 Semesters, 2.5 Years
Maximum Duration 12 Semesters, 6 Years
Minimum CGPA Required To Earn Degree 2.00


Candidate’s holdings 2 years Bachelor’s degree/Associates degree in Education with at least 45% marks in Annual system or 2.00 CGPA on the scale of 4.00 in semester system are eligible to apply.

Program objective:

Our B.Ed (1.5 years) program will enable the prospective teacher to

  • Master Learner-centered and activities based teaching.
  • Change the traditional and obsolete type of teaching methodology with innovative instructional approaches.
  • Play active role in enhancement of literacy rate in the country.
  • Compete and contribute meaningfully in the field of education.
  • Address societal problems by thoughts and practices.


  • To utilize skills in the field of education, teaching and teacher training
  • To get the ability to work in groups and different social set ups
  • To understand and utilize the basic knowledge of educational philosophy, educational psychology, management, curriculum and evaluation, along with researches
  • To bring into practice the theoretical and conceptual knowledge
  • To express thoughts and ideas through oral, written, and modern means of communications.
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs. 18 Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs. 18
ENG 101 Functional Communication 3-0 EDU 105 Foundations of Education 3-0
MA 111 General Mathematics and Statistics 3-0 EDU 101 Child Development 3-0
EDU 107 General Methods of Teaching 3-0 EDU 210 Teaching of Urdu 3-0
EDU 202 Development of Education in Pakistan 3-0 EDU 222 Teaching of Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies 3-0
CS 101 Computer Literacy 02-Jan ENG 209 Academic Writing 3-0
EDU 110 Guidance and Counseling 3-0 EDU 326 Computer in Education 3-0
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs. 18 Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs. 18
EDU 206 Classroom Management 3-0 EDU 425 Curriculum & Instruction 3-0
EDU 309 Educational Research 3-0 EDU 238 Art, Craft and Calligraphy 3-0
EDU 228 Teaching of English 3-0 EDU 234 School Community & Teachers 3-0
EDU 214 Teaching of General Science 3-0 EDU 230 Teaching of Mathematics 3-0
EDU 390 Observational Visits & Teaching Practice-I 0-6 EDU 224 Classroom Assessment 3-0
EDU 410 Educational Psychology (In lieu of RES 490) 3-0
RES 490 Research Project (In lieu of EDU 410) 0-3
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs. 18
EDU 412 Comparative Education 3-0
EDU 426 Teaching Strategies 3-0
EDU 218 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education 3-0
EDU 415 Teaching of Literacy Skills 3-0
EDU 490 Observational Visits & Teaching Practice-II 0-6

In pursuit of a vision you never fail to hear voices of doubt and disbelief. I want to thanks SUIT, Peshawar for furthering my ability to silence those voices both internal and external. I will always consider myself blessed and fortunate to have been able to experience that era of my life
Asma Bibi, Alumnus,
Department of Education