Bachelor of Education(1.5)

Course Description

Course Description: B.Ed 1.5 Program at NTI Islamabad

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) 1.5 program at NTI Islamabad is designed to equip aspiring educators with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to excel in the dynamic field of teaching. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that blends theoretical foundations with practical applications, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to meet the diverse challenges of modern education.

Throughout the duration of the program, students will engage in a variety of courses covering key areas such as educational psychology, pedagogy, curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, classroom management, and educational technology. These courses are taught by experienced faculty members who are experts in their respective fields, providing students with valuable insights and guidance.

The B.Ed 1.5 program also emphasizes hands-on learning experiences, including practicum placements in schools, where students have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world teaching environments. This practical component allows students to develop essential teaching skills, build confidence, and establish professional networks within the education sector.

At NTI Islamabad, we are committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. Our goal is to empower graduates with the tools and resources they need to become effective educators who can inspire and motivate learners to reach their full potential.

Upon successful completion of the B.Ed 1.5 program, graduates will be well-equipped to pursue careers in teaching at various educational levels, including primary, secondary, and higher education. Whether aspiring to work in public or private schools, educational institutions, or other educational settings, NTI Islamabad graduates are prepared to make a positive impact in the field of education.


Program Code 145
Number of Courses 16+ Teaching Practice
Credit Hours 54
Minimum Duration 3 Semesters, 1.5 Years
Maximum Duration 8 Semesters, 4 Years
Minimum CGPA Required To Earn Degree 2.00


Candidates holding Intermediate certificate with at least 45% marks or A-Levels (22 Points) with equivalency certificate from IBCC
Islamabad or an equivalent certificate from a recognized institution are eligible to apply.
Candidates need to pass an entry test or an aptitude interview conducted by the University.

Program objective:

Our B.Ed (1.5 years) program will enable the prospective teacher to

  • Master Learner-centered and activities based teaching.
  • Change the traditional and obsolete type of teaching methodology with innovative instructional approaches.
  • Play active role in enhancement of literacy rate in the country.
  • Compete and contribute meaningfully in the field of education.
  • Address societal problems by thoughts and practices.


  • To utilize skills in the field of education, teaching and teacher training
  • To get the ability to work in groups and different social set ups
  • To understand and utilize the basic knowledge of educational philosophy, educational psychology, management, curriculum and evaluation, along with researches
  • To bring into practice the theoretical and conceptual knowledge
  • To express thoughts and ideas through oral, written, and modern means of communications.
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs. 18 Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs. 18
EDU 300 Foundation of Education 3-0 EDU 319 Teaching Practice I 3-0
EDU 303 Educational Measurement and Evaluation 3-0 EDU 321 Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices 3-0
EDU 202 Development of education in pakistan 3-0 Area of Specialization (Course I) 3-0
EDU 309 Educational Research 3-0 Area of Specialization (Course II) 3-0
EDU 312 General Methods of Teaching 3-0 Area of Specialization (Course III) 3-0
EDU 316 Human Development and Learning 3-0 Area of Specialization (Course IV) 3-0
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs. 18
EDU 419 Teaching Practice II 3-0
EDU 402 Educational Leadership and Management
EDU 404 Citizenship Education and Community Engagement 3-0
EDU 406 Professionalism in Teaching 3-0
EDU 408 Educational Statistics 0-6
RES 490

EDU 410

Research Project          Or

Educational Psychology

In pursuit of a vision you never fail to hear voices of doubt and disbelief. I want to thank SUIT, Peshawar for furthering my ability to silence those voices both internal and external. I will always consider myself blessed and fortunate to have been able to experience that era of my life
Asma Bibi, Alumnus,
Department of Education