About Us


About Us

National Textile Institute (NTI) is an affiliated study center of Sarhad University of Science & Information Technology Peshawar.

It is a well-reputed name among the educational circles which are providing quality education to the nation but also is a renowned name in the educational circles of Pakistan and abroad and is and is duly recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as category W3 University, The institute is dedicated to imparting high-quality education with an emphasis on demand-oriented skill-development and training under excellent conditions of learning. Its educational programs are designed to enable the students and servicemen to develop skills and competence in their respective areas of specialization and obtain broad-based, cross-functional education with due emphasis on developing critical, analytical, and logical thinking, and knowledge of societal matters.

The education is cost-based but affordable. The institute is devoted to students’ welfare and intends to provide all support and guidance in their pursuit of successful careers and jobs.

Twenty-two years back NTI was established with the motivation and aim of providing quality education to the youth of the country. Since its inception, the NTI has made creditable achievements in disseminating quality education and, in a short span of time; it has become a leading institution in Textile, fashion designing, education, management sciences, library sciences, and computer sciences.

NTI also affiliated with the Federal Board of education Islamabad and offer Intermediate level programs. We are proud that thousands of our students are contributing significantly to the uplifting of society.