Associate Degree in Commerce

Program Objectives

The program objectives of Ad Commerce at NTI Islamabad for the website could include:

  1. Enhancing Digital Marketing Skills: Develop expertise in digital advertising strategies and techniques tailored for e-commerce websites.
  2. Understanding Consumer Behavior: Gain insights into consumer psychology and behavior to create effective advertising campaigns that resonate with target audiences.
  3. Optimizing Ad Campaign Performance: Learn how to analyze ad performance metrics and use data-driven insights to optimize ad campaigns for maximum ROI.
  4. Mastering Ad Platforms: Become proficient in utilizing various ad platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others to reach potential customers and drive conversions.
  5. Creating Compelling Ad Content: Acquire skills in crafting engaging ad copy, visuals, and multimedia content to capture audience attention and generate interest in products or services.
  6. Implementing Conversion Optimization Techniques: Explore strategies for improving website usability, design, and functionality to enhance the conversion rate of ad-generated traffic.
  7. Staying Updated with Industry Trends: Stay abreast of the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in digital advertising and e-commerce to remain competitive in the evolving marketplace.
  8. Building Strategic Partnerships: Develop the ability to forge strategic partnerships with relevant businesses, influencers, or affiliates to expand reach and increase brand visibility.
  9. Measuring and Reporting Results: Learn how to effectively measure the success of ad campaigns using key performance indicators (KPIs) and create comprehensive reports to demonstrate the impact on business objectives.
  10. Ethical and Legal Considerations: Understand the ethical and legal guidelines surrounding online advertising, including privacy regulations, copyright laws, and advertising standards, to ensure compliance and maintain trust with consumers.

Program 083

Minimum Duration Semesters , 2 Years

Number of Course 24

Maximum Duration 10 Semesters ,5 Years


  1. Intermediate (, DBA, F.A, F.Sc ) with at least 45% Marks or A-Levels (22 points) with equivalency certificate from IBCC Islamabad or an equivalent certificate from a recognized institution are eligible to apply.
  2. Candidates holding associate degree in relevant discipline with at least 2.00 CGPA on the scale of 4.00 from any recognized university / institution will join from the 5th semester of their degree program. Minimum duration of their degree shall be 2 years.
  3. Candidates holding bachelor degree(14 years of education) with at least 45% marks in annual system or associate degree in other than relevant discipline with at least 2.00 CGPA on the scale of 4.00 from any recognized university / institution will join from the bridge semester of their degree program. Minimum duration of their degree shall be 2.5 years.

Candidates need to pass an entry test / an interview conducted by the university.

List of Courses

SEMESTER-1                                                                                                     SEMESTER-2

Course Code            Course Title                             Cr.Hrs. 18          Course Code  Course Title                            Cr.Hrs. 18

ACC 121                  Principles of Accounting                  3-0                  ACC 223        Auditing I                                            3-0

ECO 124                  Micro Economics                              3-0                   MGT 323      Business & Corporate Law               2-1

IT 106                      Introduction to IT                              3-0                   ACC 211       Financial Accounting                         3-0

MA 127                   Business Mathematics-1                  3-0                   MGT 107      Principles of Management               3-0

ENG 101                  Functional Communication (Eng-I) 3-0                   MA 207         Elementary Statistics                       3-0

GS 124/141              Islamic Studies/Values,                                          GS 129          Pakistan Studies                                 3-0

Ethics and Society (Non-Muslims)                                     3-0


SEMESTER-3                                                                                                     SEMESTER-4

Course Code            Course Title                             Cr.Hrs. 15          Course Code  Course Title                            Cr.Hrs. 15

MGT 270                 Entrepreneurship                               3-0                  FIN 434          Financial Management                    3-0

ACC 232                  Cost Accounting                                  3-0                  HR 333          Human Resource Management      3-0

MA 252                   Statistical Inference                            3-0                  ECO 361        Managerial Economics                    3-0

MGT 305                 Business & Labour Law                     3-0                                       Elective I                                               3-0

IT 479                      Accounting Information System      3-0                                       Elective II                                             3-0

ENG 110                  Basic Communi Skills (Eng-II)           3-0



CONVENTIONAL BANKING                                                                                      BANKING & FINANCE

Course Code            Course Title                             Cr.Hrs.               Course Code    Course Title                                          Cr.Hrs.

FIN 335                   International Banking                      3-0                 FIN 330           Analysis of Financial Statements            3-0

FIN 356                   Money and Banking                         3-0                 FIN 433           Financing of SMEs & Agr                           3-0

FIN 465                   Consumer Banking                           3-0                 FIN 461            Analysis of Capital Market                       3-0

FIN 412                   Risk Management in Bank               3-0                 FIN 444            Portfolio Management                             3-0


ISLAMIC BANKING & INSURANCE                                                      TAXATION

Course Code            Course Title                             Cr.Hrs.                  Course Code      Course Title                                           Cr.Hrs.

FIN 425                   Islamic Modes of Financing                3-0                   FIN 475            Tax Policy & Management                      3-0

FIN 432                   Islamic Insurance System(Takaful)    3-0                    FIN 470             Fraud Prevention Management          3-0

ECO 438                  Islamic Economic System                   3-0                    FIN 410             Income Tax Law                                     3-0

FIN 338                   Islamic Financial instruments            3-0                    FIN 405            Credit Management                               3-0