DM – Drawing Master

Program Code: 68
Number of Courses: 10+ Research Thesis
Total Marks: 1200
Minimum Duration: 2 Semesters, 1Year
Maximum Duration: 6 Semesters, 3 Years
Minimum CGPA Required To Earn Degree 2.00

Diploma in drawing master

Embark on a journey of artistic exploration and mastery with our innovative Diploma in Drawing program, now elevated to the esteemed level of a Master's Degree. This unique educational opportunity is designed for individuals who are passionate about the world of visual arts and aspire to attain the highest level of proficiency in drawing


Admission to Diploma in Drawing Master shall be open to candidates who have passed intermediate examination from a recognized board of intermediate and secondary education in Pakistan or any other equivalent examination with at least 45% at course in SSC/HSSC.


Course Code Course Title     Marks.600 Course Code Course Title             Marks.600
SDM 176 Technical Geometrical & Scale Drg 100 SMD 182 Design Techniques 100
SMD 177 History of Art 100 SMD 183 Arts & Craft 100
SMD 178 Black Board Sketching 100 SMD 184 Islamiyat 100
SMD 179 Expressional Art 100 SMD 185 Physical Education 100
SMD 180 Model Drawing 100 SMD 186 Teaching Practice 100
SMD 181 Nature Study 100

Program outcomes

Delve into advanced drawing methodologies, mastering various techniques and styles under the guidance of experienced and accomplished faculty.Explore the diverse realms of artistic expression, from traditional to contemporary drawing styles, fostering a deep understanding of the evolution of visual language.Tailor your learning experience with specialized electives, allowing you to focus on specific areas such as portraiture, landscape drawing, or experimental mediums.Embrace the digital era by integrating digital drawing tools and technologies into your artistic repertoire, staying abreast of modern trends in the art world.

Elevate your passion for drawing to new heights with our Master’s Degree in Drawing. Join us and become a part of a community dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence and creativity.

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