BS H&PE 2 Years

Sports Sciences department of NTI Islamabad

The Bachelor of Science (BS) 2 years in Health and Physical Education program at NTI Islamabad offers an extensive and interdisciplinary curriculum aimed at preparing students for dynamic careers in the fields of health promotion, fitness instruction, and physical education. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, students develop a deep understanding of health sciences, exercise physiology, sports psychology, and teaching methodologies.

The program covers a broad spectrum of subjects, including human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, exercise prescription, and health behavior change. Students also engage in hands-on learning experiences, such as internships, practicums, and fieldwork, where they apply theoretical concepts in real-world settings.

With access to state-of-the-art facilities and expert faculty members, students receive personalized guidance and mentorship to enhance their learning journey. They participate in laboratory experiments, research projects, and community outreach initiatives, gaining valuable skills and experiences that prepare them for success in their chosen career paths.

Furthermore, the BS in Health and Physical Education program emphasizes the development of leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills. Students learn how to effectively communicate health-related information, design evidence-based interventions, and advocate for policies that promote physical activity and wellness.

Upon graduation, students are equipped to pursue diverse career opportunities in the fields of health education, fitness training, sports coaching, community health promotion, and allied health professions. They play a crucial role in improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities, contributing to the advancement of public health initiatives and the prevention of chronic diseases.

Overall, the BS in Health and Physical Education program at NTI Islamabad prepares students to become competent, compassionate, and ethical professionals who are committed to promoting health, fitness, and wellness in society.

Program Code:                                                                         90

Number of Courses:                                                                  25

Total Marks:                                                                               128

Minimum Duration:                                                                  4 Semesters, 2 Year

Maximum Duration:                                                                 8 Semesters, 4 Years

Minimum CGPA Required To Earn Degree                            2.00


  1. Candidate holding intermediate certificate with at least 45% marks or A – Levels (22 points) with equivalency certificate from IBCC Islamabad or an equivalent certificate from a recognized institution are eligible to apply.Candidates holding associate degree irrelevant discipline with at least 45% marks in annual system or Associate Degree in other then relevant discipline with at least 2.00 CGPA on the scale of 4.00 from any recognized university/institution will join from the bridge semester of their degree program. Minimum duration of their degree shall be 2.5 years.Candidates need to pass an entry test or an aptitude interview conducted by the university.

Program objective:

The objectives of the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sports Sciences and Physical Education program at NTI Islamabad are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive Understanding: Provide students with a comprehensive understanding of sports sciences, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and physical education principles.
  2. Enhancing Athletic Performance: Equip students with the knowledge and skills to enhance athletic performance through effective training methodologies, injury prevention strategies, and performance analysis techniques.
  3. Promoting Physical Fitness: Educate students about the importance of physical fitness and well-being, and empower them to design and implement exercise programs that promote health and wellness.
  4. Leadership and Coaching Skills: Develop students’ leadership and coaching abilities to effectively lead and motivate individuals and teams in various sports and physical activities.
  5. Research and Critical Analysis: Foster students’ research skills and critical thinking abilities, enabling them to analyze sports-related issues, evaluate evidence-based practices, and contribute to the advancement of sports sciences.
  6. Community Engagement: Encourage students to actively engage with their communities and promote physical activity initiatives through outreach programs, sports events, and health promotion campaigns.
  7. Professional Development: Prepare students for careers in sports coaching, fitness training, sports management, sports therapy, and other related fields through practical training, internships, and experiential learning opportunities.
  8. Ethical and Responsible Practice: Instill ethical values and a sense of responsibility in students, emphasizing the importance of integrity, fairness, and respect in all aspects of sports sciences and physical education practice.

By achieving these objectives, the BS in Sports Sciences and Physical Education program at NTI Islamabad aims to produce graduates who are competent, knowledgeable, and ethically responsible professionals capable of making significant contributions to the fields of sports sciences, physical education, and athletic performance enhancement.



SEMESTER 5                                                                                                    SEMESTER 6

Course Code            Course Title                                 Cr.Hrs.15                 Course Code            Course Title                              Cr.Hrs.17

SSS 301                   Exercise Physiology                                    3-0                 SSS 307                   Research Method in Physical Education3-0

SSS 303                   Biomechanics                                              3-0                 MA 310                    Introduction to Statistic                            3-0

ENG 315                  Effective Communication (ENG-IV)          3-0                 HR 323                    Human Resource Management               3-0

SSS 322                   Sociology                                                      3-0                  SSS 309                  Phy Education for Special Population     3-0

SSS 305                   Talent Development & Identify in Sport 3-0                  SSS 311                 Techniques & Teaching of Games-II        3-0

SSS 313                   Intro to Planning & Management            3-0

SEMESTER 7                                                                                                    SEMESTER 8

Course Code            Course Title                             Cr.Hrs.14                 Course Code            Course Title                               Cr.Hrs.15

SSS 400                   Introduction to Modern Technologies      3-0                SSS 410                   Planning Sports Facilities                      3-0

HR 440                    Training & Development                       3-0                SSS 412                   Physiotherapy                                       3-0

SSS 402                   Tech & Teaching of track & Field-II        3-0                 SSS 414                   Planning for Scientific Sports Coaching 3-0

SSS 404                   Internship                                              0-3               SSS 416                   Human Psychology                               3-0

RES 491                   Research Project Phase-I                         0-3               SSS 492                   Research Project Phase-II                      0-3