Junior Diploma in Physical Education

Program Code: 070
Number of Courses: 13
Total Marks: 36
Minimum Duration: 2 Semesters, 1 Year
Maximum Duration: 6 Semesters, 3 Years
Minimum CGPA Required To Earn Degree 2.00


Higher secondary school certificate or equivalent with at least 45% marks from a recognized institution.

Program objective:

Student will be able to promote physical, mental, emotional and social aspect of their lives.

The program will enhance student sports and athletics performance through improving health fitness and wellness.

Program outcomes:

After successful completion of the program the students will able to teach at school level regarding maintaining discipline and organization of the games. in addition to that the students will understand about the rules & techniques of major games. It will be also possible to know about anatomy and physiology and about basic health related problems in relation with sports science as well.

Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.18 Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.18
ENG 101 Functional Combination (ENG-I) 3-0 SPE 129 Science of Movement 3-0
SPE 101 Foundation of Physical Education 3-0 SPE 132 Sport Injuries (Treatment by Rehab 3-0
SPE 119 Fundamental Rules and Techniques Of Games and Sport 3-0 SPE 131 Basic Spots Nutrition 3-0
SPE 114 Basic Health Education 3-0 SPE 141 Tech & Teaching of Track & Field 2-0
SPE 118 Olympic and Re creative Sports 3-0 SPE 142 Techniques and Teaching Games 2-0
SPE 121 Anatomy and Physiology 3-0 SPE 143 Techniques & Teach of Gymnastic 2-0
SPE 191 Techniques and Practice + Project 3-0