Associate Degree in Physical Education

Program Code: 70
Practical 4
Number of Courses: 20
Total Marks: 67
Minimum Duration: 4 Semesters, 2 Year
Maximum Duration: 10 Semesters, 5 Years
Minimum CGPA Required To Earn Degree 2.00


Candidate holding intermediate certificate with at least 45% marks or A level (22Points) with equivalent certificate from IBCC Islamabad or an equivalent certificate from a recognized institution are eligible to apply.
Candidate need to pass an entry test or an aptitude interview conducted by the university.

Program objective:

Program being offered to provide an opportunity to enhance the knowledge ,skills and qualification in the field of sports sciences & physical education as well as to such a force of professionally qualified and skilled sports professionals which can meet the market demands.

Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.18 Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.18
ENG 101 Functional Combination (ENG-I) 3-0 ENG 111 Basic Com Skills (ENG-II) 3-0
GS 123/240 Islamic Studies/Values, Ethics & Society (For Non-Muslim) 2-0 GS 128 Pakistan Studies 2-0
MA 100 Mathematics-I (Pre-Calculus) 3-0 MA 110 Mathematics-II (Calculus) 3-0
SSS 105 Philosophical Basis of Physical Edu 3-0 SSS 111 Rules and Techniques of Track & Field 3-0 3-0
SSS 107 Anatomy & Physiology 3-0 SSS 113 Sports Medicine 3-0
SSS 109 Rules and Techniques 3-0 SSS 115 Heath Education 3-0
Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.17 Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.16
SSS 201 Sports Nutrition 3-0 SSS 210 Curriculum Development in Physical Education 3-0
SSS 203 Test Measurement & Evaluation in Physical Education and sports 3-0 SSS 212 Science of sports Training 3-0
ENG 209 Academic Writing (ENG-III) 3-0 SSS 214 Tech & Teaching of Track & Field 2-0
IT 106 Introduction to IT 2-1 SSS216 Tech & Teach of education gymnastic 2-0
SSS 205 Trauma and Rehabilitation 3-0 SSS 218 Administration & Management in sports 3-0
SSS 207 Techniques& Teaching of Games 3-0 SSS 220 Sports psychology 3-0

Students are encourage to undergo internship program and practical learning lab (PLL)(Details are given in section 27& 28 of the rules and regulations.

Teaching/ coaching practice:

10-days teaching / Coaching practice will be carried out in the competition at inter school/inter collegiate /inter university / board level. However, the participants will have to obtain a certificate from the organizing body and will be required to submit it to the controller of examinations before the conduct of final examinations.


Training in the above disciplines will be arranged by the instructors, trainers, acquiring the services of trained personnel in the relevant fields. A completion certificate will be required be submitted to the controller of examinations before  the   conduct of final examinations along with a group photo with the trainers.

Theory Examination:  Theory Examination in the courses/subjects mentioned above will be conducted as per following plan.

Practical Exams:        Practical examination will be held in games, track & field and gymnastic at the end of the second term.

NOTE: Student are encouraged to undergo internship program and practical learning lab (PLL)  Details are given in section 27 & 28 of the rules and regulations.