Bachelor of Business Administration

To become a prominent Department of Computer Science & IT in producing competent professionals with research and innovation skills, inculcating moral values and societal concerns to meet the challenges of both academia and industrial level.


  • Providing a strong theoretical and practical background across the computer science discipline with an emphasis on software development
  • Imparting the skills necessary to continue education to grow professionally
  • Empowering the youth in rural communities with computer education
  • Inculcating professional behavior, strong ethical values, innovative research capabilities and leadership abilities
  • Create facilities and expertise in advanced computer technology thereby promotes research.
  • Establish connection and partnership with industries in different sectors.
  • To attract internationally recognized faculty to overcome challenges at both national and international level.
  • Promote scientific research culture to meet social, economic and industrial challenges.

Programs Offered:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Master of Computer Science
Program Code 001
Number of Courses 43
Credit Hours 137
Minimum Duration 8 Semesters, 4 Years
Maximum Duration 16 Semesters, 8 Years
Minimum CGPA Required To Earn Degree 2.00


Intermediate (Pre-Engineering/ Computer Science/ Pre-Medical) with at least 50% Marks or A-Levels (22 Pointe) with Equivalency Certificate from IBCC Islamabad or an equivalent certificate from a recognized institution.
Pre Medical Must Pass deficiency courses of mathematics of 6 credit hours with in first year of their regular studies.
Candidates need to pass an Entry test/aptitude interview conducted by the university.

Program objective:

  • To provide a solid foundation in Computer Science that supports an interdisciplinary education with liberal arts framework and prepares students for professions in computing sciences and information sciences in general
  • To help students to develop the abilities to predict, to analyze, think critically, to deduct and consider alternatives to be creative as problem solvers
  • To develop courses and human resources that view computer science as part of the human endeavor, that is, to see computer science in relation with more general intellectual development to the needs of society
  • To foster an aptitude and desire for life-long learning and make the graduate capable to adopt new emerging technologies for the new generations
  • To achieve a sound base to pursue if desire post graduate degree education and research. It demonstrate confidence in applying knowledge of computing and mathematics


  • An ability to apply knowledge of computing and mathematics to the appropriate discipline
  • An ability to analyze a problem and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solutions
  • An ability to design, implement and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program, including software systems of varying complexity, to meet desired needs
  • An understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities
  • An ability to analyze and evaluate performance tradeoffs of algorithms, data structures and hardware solutions
  • An ability to function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal


Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs.18
MA 127 Business Mathematics-1 3-0
ACC 121 Principles of Accounting 3-0
ECO 112 Principles of Economics 3-0
MA 209 Elementary Statistics 3-0
MGT 107 Principles of Management (For BA Students) 3-0
IT 106 Introduction to IT 3-0
ENG 101 Functional English (Eng-I) (For BSC Students) 3-0
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs 18 Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs 18
CS 110 Introduction To CS 02-Jan MA 105 Multivariable Calculus (CS Supporting) 3-0
MA 101 Calculus & Analytical Geometry (CS Supporting) 3-0 CS 125 Object Oriented Programming (CS Core) 03-Jan
GS 111 Physics-I (CS Supporting) 02-Jan MGT 106 Principles of Management 3-0
ENG 111 Basic Communication Skills 3-0 MA 213 Discrete Math (CS Core) 3-0
CS 116 Programming Fundamentals (CS Core) 03-Jan ENG 316 Effective Communication Skills 3-0
GS 123 Islamic Studies Or Values, Ethics & Society (For Non Muslims in lieu of Islamic Studies) 2-0 GS 128 Pakistan Studies 2-0
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs 18 Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs 16
CS 232 Data Structures & Algorithms (CS Core) 03-Jan MA 242 Applied Linear Algebra (CS Supporting) 3-0
EE 223 Digital Logic Designs (CS Core) 03-Jan COM 304 Data Communication & Network (CS Core) 03-Jan
MA 242 Differential Equations (CS Supporting) 3-0 CS 241 Designs and Analysis of Algorithm (CS Core) 02-Jan
MA 313 Probability & Statistics (CS Supporting) 3-0 CS 323 Microprocessor Architecture & Assembly Languages  (CS Core) 02-Jan
IT 212 Database Systems (CS Core) 03-Jan SE 336 Software Engineering (CS Core) 3-0
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs 16 Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs 18
CS 252 Computer Organization & Architecture (CS Core) 3-0 CS 346 Information Security 3-0
CS 321 Introduction To Data Science 02-Jan SE 452 Object Oriented Software Engineering/ Elective III 3-0
IT 421 Web Design & Development / Elective I 02-Jan CS 345 Compiler Concepts (CS Core) 3-0
CS 340 Theory Of Automata (CS Core) 3-0 CS 407 Mobile Application Development for Android/ Elective IV 02-Jan
CS 222 Operating System (CS Core) 03-Jan CS 333 Visual Programming / Elective V 02-Jan
CS 430 Human Computer Interaction (SE Core) 3-0
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs 18 Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs 15
MA 306 Numerical Analysis (CS Supporting) 3-0 CS 423 Parallel and Distributed Computing 3-0
IT 314 Artificial Intelligence 03-Jan SE 668 Software Project Management (UE) 3-0
ENG 322 Technical Report Writing (GE) 2-0 CS 444 Professional Practice (GE) 3-0
RES 491 Project Phase I (CS Core) 0-3 RES 492 Project Phase II (CS Core) 0-3
CS 408 Mobile Application Development For IOS / E5 02-Jan MGT 270 Entrepreneurship 3-0
Elective VI 3-0
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
CS 424 Database Security 3-0 CS 404 Machine Learning 02-Jan
IT 465 Distributed Database 02-Jan CS 406 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 02-Jan
IT 422 Data Warehousing 3-0 CS 407 Deep Learning 3-0
IT 335 Database Programming 02-Jan CS 408 Natural Language Processing 3-0
CS 412 Big Data Analytical 3-0 CS 410 Robotics and IOT 02-Jan
CS 413 Enterprise System 3-0 CS 416 Programming for Al in Python 02-Jan
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs. Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
CS 334 Multimedia Design and Development 3-0 SE 450 Software Metrics and Testing 3-0
CS 406 Web Engineering 3-0 SE 452 OOP-Software Engineering 3-0
IT 275 Web Programming 02-Jan SE 312 Formal Methods In SE 3-0
CS 421 Semantic Web 3-0 SE 412 Design Pattern 3-0
CS 414 Cyber Security 3-0 SE 222 Software Constructions 3-0
CS 417 Internet of Thing 3-0 SE 311 Software Requirements Specification 3-0
CS 346 Information Security 3-0 SE 323 Software Verification and Validation 3-0
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs 18 Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs 15
CS 332 Visual Programming 02-Jan CS 402 Distributed Systems 02-Jan
CS 403 Systems Programming 3-0 CS 411 Embedded System 02-Jan
CS 415 Open Source Operating System 3-0 IT 450 Voice and Data Integration 02-Jan
CS 407 Mobile Application Development (For Android) 02-Jan COM 401 Wireless Application Protocols 02-Jan
CS 408 Mobile Application Development (For IOS) 02-Jan IT 302 Advance Networking 02-Jan
UNIVERSITY ELECTIVES CS 310 Network Security 3-0
CS 322 Sociology 3-0 COM 375 Next Generation Networks 3-0
MGT 106 Principle of Management 3-0 COM 422 Routing and Switching 02-Jan
GS 302 Critical Logic and Thinking 3-0
HR 332 Human Resource Management 3-0